Technical platform

Building space have been renovated to receive a microbiology plateform dedicated to a safety L2 laboratory. This plateform provides the A containment level defined for class 2 pathogens micro-organisms (‘organisms that may cause human disease and which might be a hazard to laboratory workers but is unlikely to spread in the community ; laboratory exposure rarely produces infection and effective prophylaxis or effective treatments are usually available’).

L2d L2c L2b L2aL2e

The floor is covered with as a bacteriostatic and antifungal PVC surface, and benches can easily be decontaminated. An airlock equiped with an autoclave, a locker, and a washing station communicate with the containment lab.

The L2 lab is equiped with its own PSM, incubators, shakors, centrifuges, water-bath…

chemidoc biotek bioscreen Bioruptor nanodrop PFGE-Biorad

This facility was developed thanks to financial support from :
▪ French State and Région Lorraine (PRST Sciences et Génie de l’environnement through FABELOR (Pôle de compétence « Forêt, Agroalimentaire, Biologie, Environnement Lorraine)
European Union through the FEDER (Fonds Européen de Développement Régional) 2007-2013, ‘Objectif Compétitivité Régionale et Emploi’.

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For more information, contact : Sophie Payot-Lacroix, tel. +33 (0)3 83 68 49 72